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clintSVR 1.3.4 Released

Posted: February 12, 2017 in CMS, News

12 Feb 2014, clintSVR 1.3.4 just released. This version has the following changes: 

1. Improve the SSH read function by increasing the buffer size.
2. Fixed SSH keyboard-interactive Authentication error when using libssh2.

clintSVR 1.3.3 Released

Posted: January 31, 2017 in CMS, News

31 Jan 2017, clintSVR 1.3.3 just released. This version has the following changes: 

1. Supports Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS) for MSSQL. A parameter cs_rtdb_mssqlmars is defined. Set it to true if this feature is enabled for MSSQL. Also, a parameter cs_rtdb_mssqlobject is introduced when database object name is needed.
2. Add multiAgentAddSkill, multiAgentDeleteSkill and multiAgentModifySkill functions. These function can be accessed by the REST, WebSocket, API ALL and OCX interfaces.

clintSVR 1.3.2 Released

Posted: December 16, 2016 in CMS, News

16 Dec 2016, clintSVR 1.3.2 just released. This version have the following minor changes

1. Linux version checks MySQL is available before creation of internal objects during startup.
2. Add additional checking to prevent SplitSkillStatus report with invalid entry.
3. Add additional coding to bypass 100% cpu issue for Linux CMS r18.

clintSVR 1.3.1 Released

Posted: September 20, 2016 in CMS, News

20 September 2016, clintSVR 1.3.1 just released. This version

1. Remove double quotes around column names for Oracle database.
2. Change the column name “level” to “skilllevel” for tables tCustomRTA and tCustomRTAEvent. Please drop the tables and create them again if you use the two tables.
3. Supports WebSocket interface and the report data in JSON format.
4. Supports Linux CMS.

clintSVR 1.3.0 Released

Posted: April 5, 2016 in CMS, News

5 Apr 2016, clintSVR 1.3.0 just released. This version supports historical reports such as Historical Trunk Group Busy Hour, Historical Split Skill Summary Interval and Historical VDN Interval. Three interfaces are supported for these historical reports, they are DLL, ActiveX and REST. For details, please refer to the support page

AvayaECHI 1.1.7 Released

Posted: March 16, 2016 in CMS, News

16 March 2016, AvayaECHI 1.1.7 just released. This version fixed a bug that missing data is happened when the ASAI_UUI contains delimiter character such as comma or “|”.

clintSVR 1.2.9 Released

Posted: June 1, 2015 in CMS

1 Jun 2015, clintSVR 1.2.9 just released. This version supports custom report by customized DLL implementation. Moreover, it supports range input for some reports such as SplitSkillReports, VDNReport, SplitSkillAuxReport, etc. A bug found in ondemand report is fixed which the initial access timestamp is incorrectly assigned to the report object.