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This post is about using Nagios plugin check_json to monitor system status. Since CtiSVR can return XML or JSON as payload over the REST interface, we can use the check_json plugin to monitor Avaya resource such as Trunk Group and ACD Hunt Group.

For example, the following command is to query Avaya Trunk Group (TAC) 3491, the result is is WARNING if the used trunks over 15 and CRITICAL if the used trunk over 20. The threshold format for Nagios is here. --url 'http://$HOSTADDRESS$:9001/querytrunkgroup?tac=3491&payload=json' --attribute '{usedtrunks}' -w15 -c20 --perfvars 'idletrunks,usedtrunks'

To monitor Avaya Hunt Group such as the number of call queued, we can use the following command to monitor ACD Hunt Group 20666, the result is WARNING when the number of call queued over 0 and it is CRITICAL when the number of call queued over 5. --url 'http://$HOSTADDRESS$:9001/queryacdsplit?split=20666&payload=json' --attribute '{callsqueue}' -w0 -c5 --perfvars 'callsqueue'

AvayaCDR 1.5.17 and CloudCDR 1.1.5 just released, the updates are 

1. Add a parameter cdr_splunklogdir to specify the Splunk log directory. Once this parameter is defined, the Splunk log will be saved in the directory and the parameter to specify Splunk host and port will be ignored.
2. Fine tuned the test SQL command procedure.

bcmsSVR 2.0.1 Released

Posted: August 19, 2017 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.0.1 just released. The updates are 

1. Compile with libSSH for Windows version.
2. Add parameter bcms_debuglog, set it to true if you want to have debug log.
3. Add parameter bcms_splunk_logdir for storing of splunk log in local files.
4. Bug fixing on bcmsListAgent, bcmsListSplit, bcmsListVdn and bcmsListTrunk Splunk logging.
5. Add report without description.

AvayaECHI 1.1.11 Released

Posted: August 3, 2017 in CMS, News

AvayaECHI 1.1.11 just released. The updates are 

1. A parameter called “echi_splunk_logdir” is added for storing splunk log in specified directory. We can configure Splunk Universial Forwarder to import the splunk log to Splunk to prevent data loss when there is network issue.

clintSVR 1.3.5 Released

Posted: July 8, 2017 in CMS, News

clintSVR 1.3.5 just released, the updates are 

1. Supports CMS 18 Multi Agent Add/Change/Delete Skill features.
2. Fixed telnet malfunction after deletion of report for Linux 64 bit OS.
3. Add report type rtashuffling and rtasnapshot for CustomRTA Splunk logging.
4. Supports debug log and the log file name is debug.txt
5. Fixed trunk group report REST interface without trunk group name.
6. When input object mismatch with output result, the default action is to return immediately to prevent incorrect data logging for splunk and database interfaces. This is overridden by a parameter called cs_iomismatch when it’s value is set to true.
7. Add escape character for special character in database logging.

DMCCLogger 1.0.3 Released

Posted: June 16, 2017 in DMCC, News

DMCCLogger 1.0.3 just released. The updates are

1. Fixed merged calls when new a call appeared immediately after an old call disconnection.
2. Fixed encryption key loaded incorrectly when program startup.
3. Application data is stored together with call data which is in the t_astcalldata table.

AstLogger 1.4.13 and DMCCLogger 1.0.2 just released. The updates are

1. Fixed AES 7.0 SingleStepConference failed issue in AstLogger.
2. Supports waveform display in the AstLoggerWeb and DMCCLoggerWeb applications.