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CallAnalytics 2.0.6 Released

Posted: February 12, 2018 in News, TSAPI

CallAnalytics 2.0.6 just released. This release has the following updates

1. Fixed a minor bug without releasing device in the Splunk and databaes logging.
2. Added a REST interface to query call answer extensions.
3. Fixed a bug to prevent multi-threading dead locking.


CallAnalytics 2.0.5 Released

Posted: December 1, 2017 in News, TSAPI

CallAnalytics 2.0.5 just released. This release has the following updates

1. Add a new parameter called ca_splunklogdir. When it is defined, all Splunk logs are saved in the directory and the log is kept daily basis.
2. Supports logging of clipboard copy data from ClipBoardAgent.
3. Handle CSTA_DIVERTED event for VDN and extension.
4. The REST interface supports QueryACDSplit and new report called qacdsplit can be added to log the data in Splunk.
5. Support multiple objects in the report.
6. Extension call abandon event is logged.
7. Call established caused by playing of vector announcement will be checked.
8. Call connection cleared caused by playing of vector announcement will be checked.
9. Added alert time, answer time, alert duration and answer duration in the database and Splunk interfaces.

clintSVR 1.3.6 Released

Posted: November 16, 2017 in CMS, News

clintSVR 1.3.6 just released, a custom real time report called “upsplitskillreport” which is modified from the standard Split/Skill Report is provided for customers who subscribe the annual email support service from UPINGET Technologies. This report provides additional CMS real time database items such as:

  1. Calls Offered
  2. Service Level in Seconds
  3. Direct Agent Calls Waiting
  4. EWT Top
  5. EWT High
  6. EWT Medium
  7. EWT Low
  8. Percent Within Service Level
  9. Percent Answered
  10. Percent Abandoned

The report template “upsplitskillreport” can be obtained via UPINGET support service. You can follow the procedure below to create and upload the template to your CMS server.

  1. Open CMS Terminal and create a new custom real time report called “upsplitskillreport”
  2. Select Screen Painter from the menu
  3. Select Save design from the menu
  4. Check the new file name in CMS server directory /cms/db/gem/r_custom
  5. For example, a new file called cr_r_15 is created. Delete the file cr_r_15 and copy the template file upsplitskillreport and rename it as cr_r_15
  6. The report is ready, you can execute it and get the data via clintSVR API, OCX, REST and WebSocket interfaces

Add and Delete Report in TcpGate Console 

  1. The tcpgate console command is
    • add upsplitskillreport 1 123;456;789 mycomment
      • Add upsplitskillreport for ACD 1 and skills 123, 456 and 789
    • delete upsplitskillreport 1 123;456;789
      • Delete upsplitskillreport

REST Interface 

  1. The REST interface to query the report is

bcmsSVR 2.0.2 Released

Posted: November 13, 2017 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.0.2 just released, this version has the following updates

1. Initialize the report variables before the parsing of OSSI raw output.
2. Fixed lost OSSI connection bug.
3. Fixed bcmslisttrunk malfunction bug.

This post is about using Nagios plugin check_json to monitor system status. Since CtiSVR can return XML or JSON as payload over the REST interface, we can use the check_json plugin to monitor Avaya resource such as Trunk Group and ACD Hunt Group.

For example, the following command is to query Avaya Trunk Group (TAC) 3491, the result is is WARNING if the used trunks over 15 and CRITICAL if the used trunk over 20. The threshold format for Nagios is here. --url 'http://$HOSTADDRESS$:9001/querytrunkgroup?tac=3491&payload=json' --attribute '{usedtrunks}' -w15 -c20 --perfvars 'idletrunks,usedtrunks'

To monitor Avaya Hunt Group such as the number of call queued, we can use the following command to monitor ACD Hunt Group 20666, the result is WARNING when the number of call queued over 0 and it is CRITICAL when the number of call queued over 5. --url 'http://$HOSTADDRESS$:9001/queryacdsplit?split=20666&payload=json' --attribute '{callsqueue}' -w0 -c5 --perfvars 'callsqueue'

AvayaCDR 1.5.17 and CloudCDR 1.1.5 just released, the updates are 

1. Add a parameter cdr_splunklogdir to specify the Splunk log directory. Once this parameter is defined, the Splunk log will be saved in the directory and the parameter to specify Splunk host and port will be ignored.
2. Fine tuned the test SQL command procedure.

bcmsSVR 2.0.1 Released

Posted: August 19, 2017 in BCMS, News

bcmsSVR 2.0.1 just released. The updates are 

1. Compile with libSSH for Windows version.
2. Add parameter bcms_debuglog, set it to true if you want to have debug log.
3. Add parameter bcms_splunk_logdir for storing of splunk log in local files.
4. Bug fixing on bcmsListAgent, bcmsListSplit, bcmsListVdn and bcmsListTrunk Splunk logging.
5. Add report without description.